Course Aims & Objectives

The 120-hour Online TEFL Course is a comprehensive course aimed at those wishing to either teach English in a classroom or online. This course aims to instruct you on both the theoretical and practical elements of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Furthermore, you´ll be equipped with new insights into language teaching as well as a deeper understanding of the principles and practice of English language teaching to young learners and adults. In addition, you´ll build confidence as a certified English teacher - covering two specialised areas - Teaching English to Young Learners & Teaching English Online.


Online TEFL Course

  • 1

    Course Overview

    • About the Course

    • Aims & Objectives

    • Assessment & Certification

    • Sample TEFL Certificate (digital)

    • Accreditation Certificate (ITEFLAC)

  • 2

    ELT Employment

    • English Teaching Jobs

    • Important Considerations

    • Resume & Cover Letter

    • Country Profiles

    • Professional Development

    • ELT Employment: Quiz

  • 3

    ELT Methodology

    • Teaching Methodology

    • ELT Methodology: Quiz

  • 4

    Language Systems

    • Teaching Language Systems

    • Teaching Pronunciation

    • Teaching Vocabulary

    • Teaching Grammar

    • The Language Systems: Quiz

  • 5

    The Language Skills

    • Teaching Language Skills

    • Teaching Reading

    • Teaching Listening

    • Teaching Writing

    • Teaching Speaking

    • Language Skills: Quiz

  • 6

    Classroom Management

    • Teaching Techniques

    • Classroom Management: Quiz

  • 7

    Lesson Planning

    • Lesson Planning

    • Lesson Planning: Quiz

    • Lesson Observation: Lesson Plan

    • Lesson Observation

    • Video Review 1

    • Video Review 2

    • Video Review 2: Answers

  • 8

    Teaching English to Young Learners

    • TEYL

    • Considerations when teaching children

    • Teaching phonics to young learners

    • Teaching language units to young learners

    • Teaching the skills to young learners

    • Discipline in the classroom

    • Selecting Appropriate Classroom Materials

    • Video Review

    • TEYL: Quiz

    • Self-directed Task

    • Self-directed Task Key

    • Lesson Plans for Young Learners

    • 300 Five-minute Activities

    • Writing Worksheets 1

    • Writing Worksheets 2

  • 9

    Teaching English Online

    • An Overview of Teaching English Online

    • TPR in Online Teaching

    • Virtual Learning Platforms

    • Getting Started with Skype

    • Getting Started with Zoom

    • Getting Started with Meet (Hangouts)

    • Online Tools

    • Lesson Planning

    • Learner Inclusion

    • Classroom Set-up

    • Discipline & Issues

    • Assessing learners online

    • The Demo Lesson

    • Work Opportunities

    • How To Get Online Students

    • Teaching English Online: Quiz

  • 10

    Free Downloads

    • English to the World Series

    • Final Word


120-hour Online TEFL Course

  • Videos

    The TEFL online course includes a multitude of explainer videos - including real-life classroom teaching.

  • Readings

    Not only are all your course materials provided, you´ll also receive plenty of free downloadable resources.

  • Self Guided Tasks

    You´ll complete a quiz or self-guided task after each module. This will reinforce what you have learned.


Requirements, Duration & Certification

  • Course Requirements

    You´ll need to have excellent English language skills. Having a degree isn´t necessary but it´ll certainly help when looking for teaching jobs. As the course is online, you´ll need access to the internet.

  • Course Duration

    You are given 180 days to complete your 120-hour TEFL course. Most students complete their course in 2 to 3 weeks. *Note that you will not have access to your course after the expiry period. TEFL courses can be extended (for 90 days) at an additional fee of £10.

  • Course Accreditation

    The 120-hour online TEFL course is fully accredited by the International TEFL Accreditation Council (ITEFLAC). This course is internationally recognised and globally recognised by schools and employers alike. TEFL certificates awarded by Online TEFL Academy can be apostilled and authenticated.

  • Course Assessment

    Assessment comprises of short quizzes which must be completed at the end of each module. There are no lengthy assignments or a final exam. You may work through the quizzes at your own pace. The pass mark for each quiz is 75% and you may re-take a quiz as many times as needed.

  • Certification

    You´ll receive a digital certificate (free) via email at the end of your course. Each certificate is signed, displays the ITEFLAC logo and has a unique reference number for verification purposes. You may also order a hard copy of your 120-hour certificate (with original signatures and embossed seal) for an additional fee (£25). This will be sent via registered mail.

  • Payment Methods

    You may use a credit card or debit card to purchase a course. *No other payment options are available at this time.


Accredited TEFL Course

When you graduate, you´ll receive an accredited TEFL Certificate with ITEFLAC logo and accreditation reference number. The certificate will also display a verification number and a list of the modules completed.
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